Redraft Trade Value Chart – Week 2, 2021

This week’s update to the RTVC comes with a new feature… UP AND DOWN ARROWS!

Of course we’re taking a look at a snippet of the SuperFlex Trade Value Chart. Talk to your doctor and make your choice of which TVC is right for you…

Redraft Single QB Trade Value Chart

Redraft SuperFlex Trade Value Chart

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This is a good measure of what each player seems to be worth in the open market. If there’s a player on this chart that is un-rostered, you’ll probably want to pick them up.

Always, I like to remind people that these trades work best if:

  1. You’re within 50 points of value
  2. It fills a need for both teams, with both teams dealing from their depth
  3. Uneven trades don’t work as well. Look at it like a player fraction. A 3-for-1 trade will seem fair to the party trading the “1” away about 33% of the time (1/3 = 33%). Whereas a 2-for-2 deal is usually closer to square.