Hi, I’m Mat (yes, with one t) and that is my furry companion, Hattie.

I’ve been a fantasy football geek since I ran my first league from my locker in sophomore year of high school. I’m guessing you have a similar story. During my second stint at college, I was the very last intern at a company called Fanball. They were the coolest. Cutting edge fantasy content. A commish product that couldn’t be beat. Lots of fun cheat sheets and most importantly humor that fit right in at my sophomore locker. But, the company was dismantled mere months after my hire, leaving me to scrub crock pots at my own house.

I’ve been grinding away in the fantasy industry since 2007. I was a part of the construction of LeagueSafe (a site I’m still very proud of), Fanball 2.0 and have written content for a few other fantasy sites and publications here and there. Most notably, I’ve been a part of the Fantasy Football Weekly radio show on KFAN 100.3 in Minneapolis, MN since 2013. If you’ve reached this page, you might know me from that. If not that, maybe Fanball Weekly on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio or the Fantasy Football Almost Daily podcast (may she rest in peace).

After leaving Fanball in early 2020, I wanted to stay involved with the fantasy industry. So, I kept doing what I was doing, selling cheat sheets for a couple bucks a pop online. People liked it, so I built this site. 

My goal of Shock Fantasy isn’t to break news or write long-form articles. I’ll leave that to so many in this industry that I absolutely admire. What I’m good at is deciphering what the best info is out there, and creating clean and simple dashboards and cheat sheets that can inform you quickly. I like to think of this site as the busy person’s top source for fantasy sports info. There’s a billion sites with incredible stats and analysis. I love to dive deep into those pages.

The name Shock Fantasy is another story. If I’m ever lucky enough to meet you, ask me and I’ll tell you how stupid it is, preferably over an adult beverage.

I would greatly appreciate it if you subscribed to Shock Fantasy. I tried to bake-in a price that wasn’t a bank-buster, but still allowed me to make a few bucks and run a cool site. Honestly, I’m honored that you read this much. Thank you for considering a purchase.

If there’s any questions you have, please feel free to email me at mat@shockfantasy.com.

Mat Harrison

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