Can’t find what you’re looking for? Email help@shockfantasy.com for more answers to your burning Shock Fantasy subscription program services questions. Otherwise, check out below.

How does your season pass work?

Our subscription model is a 365-day membership from the date you purchase. We’re not looking at this by sports season or anything like that. You get a year, and there’s lots of good stuff in the off-season.

We do not automatically sign you up again after the year. No one likes that. If your membership runs out, just sign up again. If you see a good deal or a promo code during the season, we ADD 365 days to your membership, it doesn’t start over on that date. So you’ll never waste a day by re-upping your membership.

Can I go month-to-month?

No. Not now.

Can I buy items a-la-carte?

Occaisionally, but not often. Check the Shop for details on what is available now. However, the subscription model will save you in the long run.

The Prop Bet Games are always available in the shop for purchase (when applicable).

What does my subscription get me?

You’ll get 100% access to all of our cheat sheets, dashboards, articles, games. Games or contests that require an entry free are NOT included in the subscription price.

How do I cancel?

While we don’t want to see you go, you can cancel your subscription by emailing help@shockfantasy.com.