Thanksgiving Prop Bet Game

A tradition like any other…

That doesn’t sound right. Well, it’s not the Masters, but it is Thanksgiving, and that’s full of rich traditions. Family, food and football make for a perfect day to play the Thanksgiving Prop Bet Game.

As a reminder, this is a game you print off and play with your family and friends, either at home or virtually. You can download the file and print off as many copies as you’d like. Feel free to share it with family across the country and play together if you can’t see each other this holiday.

You’re not paying me to get into a contest. I’m not running it. I’ve just given you the tool to go have a good time with your family.

You, are probably the game manager in this case, so final scoring decisions will be yours. Some of these have to do with commercials, and based on locality, your commercials may be different than mine. For the Super Bowl I tweet out the answers, but for Thanksgiving I usually just hang with the family, and let you guys navigate.

There’s 21 questions, seven that have to do with each of the three games on Thanksgiving. There’s a good mix of real football props and weird things that I made up. I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the link to download the PDF, or go ahead and view it below.

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