2023 Thanksgiving Day Prop Bet Game

It’s back! Again! The Thanksgiving Day Prop Bet Game is here just in time for you to print out for your Thanksgiving festivities. In case you’re new to this, here’s how it works. You print out the magical PDF of the Thanksgiving Prop Bet Game by clicking here. Print out as many as you’d need …
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Lamar Jackson Traded To The…..

Let’s play a game. For fantasy purposes, let’s trade Lamar Jackson to every team in the league. And think about what that would mean and if Lamar Jackson’s stock would go up, down or stay the same. I’ll also give a completely fictitious score of 0-100 for likelihood of this team exploring Jackson as their new QB.

AFC East
Lamar Jackson traded to the Bills – it won’t happen because Josh Allen is there, but if it did, it would be the absolute perfect offense for him. Stock: Up – Score: 0

Lamar Jackson traded to the Dolphins – Tua and some draft picks would have to be going back to Baltimore in this one. Imagine that offense though, it would be amongst the scariest in the league. Stock: Way Up – Score: 87

Lamar Jackson traded to the Patriots – The story here would be, Belichick is getting old and he doesn’t think Mac Jones or Bailey Zappe can get him to one last title run. So they blow it all up from a picks perspective and get Lamar. Rhamondre, Juju, Gesicki and L-Jax would be interesting. Stock: Same – Score: 69

Lamar Jackson traded to the Jets – The Aaron Rodgers deal just fell through. They can’t agree to compensation with the Packers and the Jets decide to give up Pick 13 and their two seconds for Lamar. There’s arguably 3-4 WRs on the Jets roster better than anything Lamar ever had in Baltimore. Stock: Up – Score: 91

AFC North
Lamar Jackson traded to the Bengals – Nope. Joey Burrow is there, and this team is set for a vertical passing game. Not a great fit. Stock: Same – Score: -40

Lamar Jackson traded to the Browns – Haha. This would be hilarious if they just swapped Jackson for Watson. Stock: Same – Score: -1

Lamar Jackson traded to the Steelers – While it would be great if they traded Jackson in-division, it just won’t happen. Plus the Steelers are still working out if they have something in Kenny Pickett. Stock: Down – Score: -10

AFC South
Lamar Jackson traded to the Texans – Would pick #2 for Lamar Jackson be enough to get it done? Maybe. It certainly would be a large move. Problem is, he’d leave one of the worst WR rooms in the league for a similar situation. And they just dealt with a QB holding out and seeking a trade, they might not want to bring a guy like that back. Stock: Same – Score: 77

Lamar Jackson traded to the Colts – It wouldn’t be the first time Indy stole something from Baltimore. Pick #4 could be all it takes for Jackson, and there’s seemingly a better offensive infrastructure in Indianapolis than Baltimore (Pittman, JT, a couple of young TEs). Stock: Up – Score: 88

Lamar Jackson traded to the Jaguars – What if… Trevor Lawrence for Lamar Jackson straight up? It won’t happen. But it’s fascinating to think about who would have to throw in extra picks to get this done. My bet would be Baltimore would be adding a couple of picks to the offer. Stock: Up – Score: 2

Lamar Jackson traded to the Titans – This one is kind of a dark horse for me. The Titans could send back Tannehill and a few high draft picks for Jackson. Jackson would join a run-first offense as another rushing threat alongside Derrick Henry. It would be difficult to game-plan against for sure. Stock: Up – Score: 21

AFC West
Lamar Jackson traded to the Broncos – I think Denver would love to have a do-over at trading for a QB. But there’s no way to get rid of Russ. Baltimore certainly wouldn’t take him back. L-Jax with Payton would be outstanding though. Stock: Up – Score: 3

Lamar Jackson traded to the Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes… Stock: Up – Score: -1,000

Lamar Jackson traded to the Raiders – They did just sign Jimmy G to decent money, and I don’t believe you can sign a guy and immediately trade him. Plus, the Raiders are widely known as somewhat cash-poor, so I don’t believe they’d have the collateral to put up to actually sign Jackson. Stock: Up – Score: 0

Lamar Jackson traded to the Chargers – For Justin Herbert… Yeah that doesn’t make sense. Those schemes are completely the opposite of each other, and the staffs would have to re-invent the wheel. Stock: Same – Score: 5

NFC East
Lamar Jackson traded to the Cowboys – Maybe Jerry gets a bit cranky with Dak. Maybe McCarthy really wants to be a run-first team. Jackson for Dak straight up doesn’t seem outlandish. The more I think about it, this could actually work well for both sides. Will it? Absolutely not. But it’s a fun trade on Madden. Stock: Up – Score: 8

Lamar Jackson traded to the Giants – They did just commit to Danny Dimes, so it’s highly doubtful, and they’d likely have to pay with Daniel Jones plus draft picks to land Jackson. I don’t think it’s plausible, but I’d love to see Jackson play in Brian Daboll’s offense. Stock: Up – Score: 10

Lamar Jackson traded to the Eagles – I think they feel pretty secure with Jalen Hurts. But that’s the exact offense that Lamar could run if put in the right situation. Stock: Up – Score: 0

Lamar Jackson traded to the Commanders – Hooo-weee. If Daniel Snyder had already sold the team, I think this would be a very real option for a new owner. Unfortunately, when you’re trying to sell a team, tying your franchise to a starting QB for 7 years and high dollars might be a deterrent for an incoming ownership group. They probably want to make that decision for themselves. Stock: Same – Score: 34

NFC North
Lamar Jackson traded to the Bears – I think the Bears like what they have with Fields, and like what they have with draft picks over the next few years. I mean, they just chose Fields over every QB in this draft. They’re not in this market. Stock: Same – Score: 1

Lamar Jackson traded to the Lions – This one is juicy. Let’s say the Lions move Goff and their #6 pick from the Rams (they still have pick #18). That would give the Ravens a bridge QB and likely Anthony Richardson or Will Levis, depending on who is left. The Lions get a ready-to-go weapon, and are likely the NFC North favorites. Stock: Way Up – Score: 93

Lamar Jackson traded to the Packers – What if I told you there was a world, in which the Packers traded Aaron Rodgers to the Ravens, and Jordan Love to the Jets, and ended up with Lamar Jackson. I think my brain would melt. Stock: Same – Score: 4 or 12

Lamar Jackson traded to the Vikings – I’m from Minnesota. The fanbase actually wants this. You’d have to move Kirk Cousins in the deal, who does hold some value, and probably the Vikings would have to part with either a first or second. Problem is, the money that Jackson wants would absolutely put the Vikings even more into cap hell. But L-Jax to Jet has a nice ring to it, and he looks good in purple. Stock: Up – Score: 8

NFC South
Lamar Jackson traded to the Falcons – It would probably take Desmond Ridder and two firsts (#8 this year and the 2024 pick). But, he’d go to a team with Kyle Pitts, Drake London, Tyler Allgeier. That seems like the best core in the NFC South, and would instantly make them the favorite in that division. Stock: Way Up – Score: 78

Lamar Jackson traded to the Panthers – For pick #1 overall. Because that’s all they have left. Maybe the Panthers made their big move, evaluated all of their options at QB and decided that Jackson is the best option. It would be an intriguing offense for sure. Basically any team he would end up with in the NFC South would be the favorite to win the division. Stock: Up – Score: 40

Lamar Jackson traded to the Saints – They just signed Derek Carr long term, so this just can’t happen. I don’t even like it if it did happen. Stock: Same – Score: 2

Lamar Jackson traded to the Buccaneers – Yes, they did just sign Baker Mayfield, but it’s a one-year backup QB contract, basically a prove-it deal, so I don’t think the Bucs would be completely out on keeping both. It would likely take pick #19 and their 2024 first to get it done, but he’d have two veteran solid receivers in the lineup right away, and a team structure that is only a few years removed from a Super Bowl. Stock: Slightly up – Score: 50

NFC West
Lamar Jackson traded to the Cardinals – Do they just try to swap Kyler for Jackson? How much extra would the Cards need to throw in? Does Jackson want to reunite with Hollywood Brown? This doesn’t sound plausible. Stock: Meh – Score: 1

Lamar Jackson traded to the Rams – Seriously, F them picks. They’d have to move Stafford, plus a first or two, to get Jackson. Which is exactly what the Rams did to get Stafford two years ago. It makes virtually no sense, and I absolutely love it. Stock: KuUP – Score: 18

Lamar Jackson traded to the 49ers – Niners trade Trey Lance and a couple of high picks in 2024 or 2025 to the Ravens. Problem is, the Niners only have three 3rd rounders this year and a bunch of nothin’. But if we can dream for a second… Jackson, McCaffery, Deebo, Aiyuk and Kittle in the same offense, with Kyle Shanahan calling the plays. Holy crap, that’s unstoppable. Stock: Outer Space High – Score: 49

Lamar Jackson traded to the Seahawks – They did just commit to Geno for a few years, but a Ken Walker, DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett combo with Lamar sounds incredibly fun. I don’t think it can happen, but hey, if you can force a video game trade, this would make the NFC a lot more interesting. Stock: Up – Score: 12

Thanksgiving Prop Bet Game

A tradition like any other…

That doesn’t sound right. Well, it’s not the Masters, but it is Thanksgiving, and that’s full of rich traditions. Family, food and football make for a perfect day to play the Thanksgiving Prop Bet Game.

As a reminder, this is a game you print off and play with your family and friends, either at home or virtually. You can download the file and print off as many copies as you’d like. Feel free to share it with family across the country and play together if you can’t see each other this holiday.

You’re not paying me to get into a contest. I’m not running it. I’ve just given you the tool to go have a good time with your family.

You, are probably the game manager in this case, so final scoring decisions will be yours. Some of these have to do with commercials, and based on locality, your commercials may be different than mine. For the Super Bowl I tweet out the answers, but for Thanksgiving I usually just hang with the family, and let you guys navigate.

There’s 21 questions, seven that have to do with each of the three games on Thanksgiving. There’s a good mix of real football props and weird things that I made up. I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the link to download the PDF, or go ahead and view it below.

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A Fake Redraft Cheat Sheet

Yes, it’s come to this. Fantasy football is about friendship, fun and football. But mostly it’s about trash-talking and making sure your friends suffer humiliation beyond compare. That’s why I’ve created a fake cheat sheet for you to print out, and leave around at your draft. Maybe someone forgot their cheat sheet, and always forgets …
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