2021 Thanksgiving NFL Prop Bet Game


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Welcome back to the second annual Shock Fantasy Thanksgiving NFL Prop Bet Game. This year’s version has 21 questions and covers all three NFL contests on Thanksgiving (seven questions for each game).

The beauty of this game is that you can play it as one game of 21 questions. Three games of 7 questions each. Or play all three games individually and have a grand prize winner for the whole enchilada.

Because yeah, we know that Uncle Larry might not show up on time to fill out his sheet before the kickoff in Detroit. That’s why this thing is split into a couple of different games. Play as much or as little as you’d like.

I always try to make the questions equal parts skill-based and luck-oriented, giving anyone a chance to win. I also tried to make them as easy to follow along as possible, because Thanksgiving is a busy day.

How do you play? Well, you need a printer. A color printer would work the best if you’re fancy like that. You’re going to need to print off as many of these PDFs as players that you’ll have, and feel free to share the file with your family and friends across the country if they’re not able to spend the holiday with you.

You can make it interesting with a friendly wager, or you can play for a chance at the last turkey leg. Any way you do it, it should be fun.

Note: On the commercial-related questions, due to local commercials having more say on Thanksgiving instead of the Super Bowl, you’ll have to play that one by ear. Maybe choose a certain home TV location as the official score.

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