Dynasty Trade Value Chart – July 22, 2021

Today is my birthday. What better guilt trip to lay on your dynasty league mates than to throw, “well it’s my birthday, so I shouldn’t have to throw in that extra draft pick in this trade.”

As my gift to you, Shock Fantasy members and visitors who’ve happened upon this for the first time, I’m making today’s Dynasty Trade Value Chart free. Just this one, because I’ve got a devoted fan base who pays for this advantage in their league, and it would be unfair to strip them of said advantage.

For those of you checking this out, here’s how the Dynasty Trade Value Chart works.

We’ve got three versions of the trade value chart. Pick the one that best represents your league.

Single Quarterback Trade Value Chart

SuperFlex Trade Value Chart

SuperFlex Tight End Premium Trade Value Chart

Once you’ve done that, you utilize the trade values listed in the chart to help increase the juice of your dynasty team via trades, your rookie draft or your waiver wire. Now, these are not only my rankings, but my general feel on how the dynasty world as a whole is valuing these players. A finger in the wind, so to speak. Yes, I bump up the players I like. No, I don’t completely punish the players I hate, because you may not hate them and they still retain value.

Here’s my general rules on how to use this to make a trade…

1. Trades should equal out with fair-ish numerical value on both sides. Fifty to 100 points either way is pretty okay for the most part.
2. The preference is to offer trades with an equal amount of players on each side. While you may want to offer 4 or 5 players for Christian McCaffery, you have to understand that if you offer a 5-for-1, that your trade partner must cut four players that he may like better than the ones you’re sending him. Even number trades tend to work better.
3. It is my strong recommendation that if you make an offer for any player, the minimum that you should offer in return should begin with a player of 67% value. For example, if we’re looking at acquiring DK Metcalf (900 value), you’d have to start the trade offer with a 600-level player (2/3 of the value) such as DJ Moore or Chris Godwin. After that you add things to both sides to help make the math work.

For instance:

DK Metcalf (900) + Zack Moss (300) for Chris Godwin (600) + Ezekiel Elliott (600) seems like a square deal to me. Maybe you like one end better than the other, but I’d bet the poll comes out fairly even there.

Enjoy this and thanks for reading.

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